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 WHO IS Mr.Almanach?  

I am an passionate bookbinder, who love to create wonderful things with sheets of Paper, cardboard, glue, and devotion.

Every single Almanach is made by Hand. The processed materials are carefully selected. Only the best stuff is good enough to become an Amlanach* Quality is my highest claim. 

I think a really good book is made for all senses. You will know what I mean, when you hold one Almanach in your hand.

In times of increasing digitization, it is very important to me to keep alive the old craftsmanship, and the associated legacy. A book is free of electricity, internet access, updates, or is outdated as there is a new version. A good book needs nothing more than someone who lovingly treats it, there is so much for it. A notebook can be anything

Since the first Almanach* ever sold (15.02.2019), it has been steadily evolving. So the Art Collection was joined by the Business Collection, then the Amatl Collection. And that's not the end...

Everything, from the idea, the first samples, to the webshop, production, development, sales, marketing, is done by me. That's how I was named Mr. Almanach over time.

If you do not want to miss any news, follow me on Instagram

@mr.almanach (me and my work)


(book Almanach)

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